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Dr(Prof) Vijay Patil is an internationally acclaimed medical oncologist and is an authority in Head & Neck cancers, Brain tumors, Thoracic (Lung, Esophagus, Thymoma etc) and Urological malignancies(Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Prostate & Penile cancer). Dr Patil has conceptualized and authored over 500 publications in his domains of specialty. He is the principal investigator for over 30 clinical trials (Link to research section) and he has lead pioneering research that have transformed treatment paradigms and have been published by the leading oncology journals in the world (Link to publications).

Dr Vijay Patil has 16 years of experience as an oncologist and has managed a wide array of conditions. He passed his MBBS from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital in 2006 with a multitude of accolades. He then pursued an MD in Radiation Oncology from the prestigious PGI Chandigarh in 2009 following which he completed his super-specialization in Medical Oncology from Tata Memorial Cancer Center, Mumbai in 2013 as a distinguished student and a gold-medallist (link to academic record).

His first stint post-training was in the role of Assistant Professor at Malabar Cancer Center, Kerala where he was the sole medical oncologist. In his 18 months there, Dr Vijay Patil established the solid tumor Medical Oncology department at Malabar Cancer Center where it maintained a high standard of quality and excellence.

He then returned to Tata Memorial Hospital as a Medical Oncologist in solid tumours. During his tenure there, Dr Patil had a rapid ascent going from the rank of assistant professor to associate professor to professor in 5 years, an unprecedented pace of growth. In addition to his daily clinical responsibilities seeing patients in general and private categories for head and neck, thoracic, urologic and neurologic cancers; He performed Internationally acclaimed research. His recently published paper on low dose immunotherapy in head and neck cancers is a landmark study with the potential to drive down cancer treatment costs to below 10% of previous with no reduction in efficacy. Dr. Vijay Patil has one of the largest experience for administering and managing ‘Immunotherapy’ as a treatment regimen for cancer. His experience in this domain is unparalleled and is just another feather in his cap. Dr Patil has attained national coverage and global acclaim for this research. In addition he has pioneered in development of chemotherapy, metronomic, immunotherapy and targeted therapy in Head & Neck Cancers, Brain tumors, Thoracic and Urology tumors.

Dr Patil has also extensively participated in educational and teaching endeavors at Tata Memorial Hospital, National and International meetings. His mentorship has had a strong influence on the next generation of oncologists coming out of this elite institution; the citation of his impact on their careers is a strong component of his growing legacy in the field of oncology.

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